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Founded in 2020, Mora Corp sells sturdy and durable products for the kitchen. As soon as they started their business, they knew they needed to start their online presence. After looking for weeks and trying multiple website builders, nothing seemed to quite fit, until we stepped in. We assisted in creating a website and online ads.

Problems to Solve

As a new business, they did not have any kind of online presence, not even a logo. Starting a new business in 2020 was definitely a challenge, for Mora Corp especially since their budget was limited. We had to consider also some restrictions from their supplier like we couldn\'t alter any of the content they provided, which definitely proved challenging.

After careful consideration and talks with the owner, we decided on the final design for the website and a Google Ads Search Network campaign, meaning that every time someone in the desired demographic searches for kitchen products, they appear front and center. They were excited about the results too, 12% growth in their overall sales, thanks to Google and Arcanhex Design.

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