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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a custom website cost?

To give a precise statement, we start with evaluating your objectives and prerequisites. A website can go as low as $300. Prices can vary depending on the project but we'll make sure you get the best price.

What programs/frameworks do you use to make websites?

We use CodeIgniter 4, a PHP based framework to expedite the development and give you the best performance. We design the website using Figma. We also make websites with Core PHP and Javascript, this is for more custom solutions that don't come in CodeIgniter.

What advertisers do you use?

Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Google advertises on the search engine, YouTube, and partner websites. Facebook advertises on their website, Instagram and WhatsApp.

When can I expect to launch my website?

Development varies from project to project. The earliest you can expect a website is 3 weeks.

Where do you get your stock photos/videos?

We take copyright very seriously. We purchase pictures and videos for commercial use from authorized websites. Any piece of content that you give us is only used for your project and your project only.

Can I enhance my existing website?

Yes of course! We'd love to help you enhance your current site and make a more enjoyable experience for your users.

How long have you been in business?

Arcanhex Design was founded in May of 2020, since then we've had dozens of satisified clients that are already seeing results from their online presence.

What is the process to get a website?

Step 1 We have a meeting about your needs and we come up with the best solution.

Step 2 We send you a proposal with all the solutions you need to make your goal happen.

Step 3 When you approve the proposal we'll start the design and coding of your website.

Step 4 Once that's done, we'll upload the website and send you the source files and necessary links.

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